Toyota Fortuner Price Hiked Again – New Vs Old Price List

Toyota Fortuner Price Hiked Again - New Vs Old Price List

Toyota recently announced a major price hike for four of its model including the Fortuner, Innova, Camry and the Vellfire

The Toyota Fortuner price in India was recently hiked once again by the Japanese carmaker. After the price hike, the price of the Fortuner now starts from Rs 32.59 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) for the base model and here are all the details that you should know about the latest Toyota Fortuner price hike in the country.

Toyota Fortuner Price Hiked In India

The Toyota Fortuner is currently one of the best-selling and most capable SUVs in the country and boasts powerful engine options and a reliable package for buyers. Toyota recently announced a significant price hike for the new Fortuner and mentioned below is a detailed Old Vs New Toyota Fortuner price list that you should check out-

New Price Old Price
4X2 MT (P) Rs 32.59 lakh Rs 32.40 lakh
4X2 AT (P) Rs 34.18 lakh Rs 33.99 lakh
4X2 MT (D) Rs 35.09 lakh Rs 34.90 lakh
4X2 AT (D) Rs 37.37 lakh Rs 37.18 lakh
4X4 MT (D) Rs 38.93 lakh Rs 38.54 lakh
4X4 AT (D) Rs 41.22 lakh Rs 40.83 lakh
Legender 4X2 AT Rs 42.82 lakh Rs 42.05 lakh
Legender 4X4 AT Rs 46.54 lakh Rs 45.77 lakh
GR Sport 4X4 AT Rs 50.34 lakh Rs 49.57 lakh

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Toyota Innova Price Hiked

In addition to the Toyota Fortuner price hike, the Toyota Innova price was also hiked in the country across the range and mentioned below is the updated Innova price list-

New Price Old Price
GX(-) MT 7-St (P) Rs 17.45 lakh Rs 17.45 lakh
GX(-) MT 8-St (P) Rs 17.50 lakh Rs 17.50 lakh
GX MT 7-St (P) Rs 18.09 lakh Rs 17.86 lakh
GX MT 8-St (P) Rs 18.14 lakh Rs 17.91 lakh
GX AT 7-St (P) Rs 19.02 lakh Rs 19.02 lakh
GX MT 9-St (P) Rs 19.07 lakh Rs 19.07 lakh
VX MT 8-St (P) Rs 20.95 lakh Rs 20.95 lakh
ZX AT 7-St (P) Rs 23.83 lakh Rs 23.83 lakh
G MT 7-St (D) Rs 19.13 lakh Rs 18.90 lakh
G MT 8-St (D) Rs 19.18 lakh Rs 18.95 lakh
G+ MT 7-ST (D) Rs 20.05 lakh Rs 19.82 lakh
G+ MT 8-St (D) Rs20.10 lakh Rs 19.87 lakh
GX MT 7-St (D) Rs 20.17 lakh Rs 19.94 lakh
GX MT 8-St (D) Rs 20.22 lakh Rs 19.99 lakh
GX AT 7-St (D) Rs 21.87 lakh Rs 21.64 lakh
GX AT 8-St (D) Rs 21.92 lakh Rs 21.69 lakh
VX MT 7-St (D) Rs 23.34 lakh Rs 23.11 lakh
VX MT 8-St (D) Rs 23.39 lakh Rs 23.16 lakh
ZX MT 7-St (D) Rs 24.98 lakh Rs 24.75 lakh
ZX AT 7-St (D) Rs 26.77 lakh Rs 26.54  lakh

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