Frequently Asked Questions

We create content to develop awareness and educate our audience about making a better purchase decision for any kind of utility vehicle. We believe in creating an ecosystem and a community of automobile enthusiasts and common people to meet and come together to form a better automobile world.
Briefly, we are your friendly neighbourhood automobile experts who guide customers to decide their best-fit automobile with news, views and reviews! A community that breathes on gasoline and lives on speed.
To guide the users in the world of automobile, and slide into their hearts to build a community.
Creating value to the readers though every piece of research, review and analysis that can help them make a better choice. We don’t just want to be a part of their buying journey, we want to be a part of their whole journey.
We are Building a community of auto enthusiast and buyers who can actively participate, interact and connect with like minded people.
Auto42 is updated on daily basis with all the latest News and information you need. We might bring some breaking news during the week. So you don’t leave behind any newest updates.
Auto42 has it all you want, from the latest car news, bikes news, moped news and even bicycle News. From quirky blogs and some infotainment, fun read to automobile hacks for a better life of your vehicle. Auto42 has it all at One Place.
Yes, you can compare any car, bike, scooter on Auto42. We have created an interactive and integrated interface to give you enough details about the cars so you can make the perfect choice for you!
Yes, and No! You can buy your cars through Auto42, as we take you directly to the official handle of the car to book them for you. No, as in we don’t sell cars on our own. We are here to build an ecosystem of car buyers and sellers.