We are your new age Automobile Experts, thinking the way the millennials think and working on how to give you the best reviews without any preferences. We are on a mission to build a community that will integrate buyers with enthusiasts. So you get a review of a vehicle not from us but the people.

We work as a source of information for the vehicles and support you to make a better choice for your next vehicle.

It is not just a website. It is a Community.


Auto42 – Your New-Age Automobile Guide

Briefly, we are your friendly neighbourhood automobile experts who guide customers to decide their best-fit automobile with news, views and reviews! A community that breathes on gasoline and lives on speed.


Market Indicators

We share expert opinion and analysis about the current and future of the automobile industry

Content Creators

We create content to create awareness and educate our audience about making a better purchase decision for any kind of utility vehicle

Community Builders

Building a community of auto enthusiast and buyers who can actively participate, interact and connect with like minded people

Our Mission

Creating value to the readers though every piece of research, review and analysis that can help them make a better choice. We don’t just want to be a part of their buying journey, we want to be a part of their whole journey.

Our Vision

To guide the users in the world of automobile, and slide into their hearts to build a community.