Sedan vs SUV: Which should be your Next Car

suv vs sedan, sedan vs suv

This is a hotly debated subject, particularly given India’s diverse landscape. We’ve compiled a list of reasons your next car should be a sedan rather than an SUV.

For a long time, sedans controlled the highways across the world. Most sedans have been a favourite for decades, owing to their comfort, engaging performance, and dependability. However, the abundance of affordable SUVs in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges has caused the demise of sedans in many countries in recent years.

With SUV alternatives as plentiful as a buffet at a huge Indian wedding, the ordinary Indian customer is more inclined to investigate them, which has been a source of anxiety for sedans in India. Despite this, manufacturers are betting big on sedans, equipping them with amenities and, not to mention, spectacular aesthetics, hoping to turn over a new leaf and taking on competitors from the SUV market.

SUV vs Sedan differences

The major distinction between an SUV and a sedan is that sedans are automobiles, whereas SUVs are generally truck-based vehicles. The latter distinction is becoming increasingly blurred as a result of the crossover style, which combines elements of cars and traditional SUVs. However, crossovers differ from cars in that they sit higher, have greater towing capacity, and almost always have an AWD option.

Crossovers have rear hatchbacks as well, whereas most sedans have a traditional car-style trunk. Crossovers and SUVs are sometimes put together in the same category, however the classic SUV was designed body-on-frame, whereas crossovers are unibody designs (like cars).

When it comes to the fundamental reasons why sedans were the kings of the road for so long, the intensity of the reasons has only increased.

Space: SUV vs Sedan

suv vs sedan, sedan vs suv

First and foremost, there must be an emphasis on space. Sedans are typically preferred because they provide a more roomy interior than Compact SUVs or hatchbacks in the same price range. Compact SUVs have more headroom because they are taller, but sedans have more than enough legroom because of their longer wheelbase, allowing for plenty of space between the two rows. When opposed to some Compact SUVs, which make you feel confined in the rear, this makes the interior feel more roomy and airy.

Comfort and Luxury: SUV vs Sedan

suv vs sedan, sedan vs suv

When it comes to riding comfort, a sedan is always superior since it has nicer and more comfortable seats, as well as a smoother ride. The smoother ride is due to a softer adjusted suspension arrangement, which makes the ride less jarring and hence improves ride quality. There is nothing quite like driving or being driven around in a sedan as long as the road is decent, as it is on highways and in most cities. Going up the food chain, the most opulent automobiles in the world are all sedans, and for good reason.

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Performance: SUV vs Sedan

suv vs sedan, sedan vs suv

Sedans outperform small and subcompact SUVs in terms of driving performance. A lower centre of gravity implies that the automobile is better grounded not only in corners but also on spirited highway drives. When compared to large bulky SUVs, the lower height of the car adds up to a lower drag co-efficient, which means you can go faster while maintaining more control.

Fuel Efficiency: SUV vs Sedan

suv vs sedan, sedan vs suv

The benefit of having a lower drag coefficient extends to sedans being more economical. As a result, even with more powerful engines, cars obtain higher fuel economy statistics. SUVs and compact SUVs not only have a high drag coefficient, but they are also huge and bulky, resulting in low mpg regardless of the fuel used.

Boot Space: SUV vs Sedan

suv vs sedan, sedan vs suv

When comparing sedans and SUVs priced above 30 lakh, the rivalry is heated and the argument may never stop, but when comparing SUVs, small SUVs, and sedans priced below 25 lakh, the outcome is extremely clear and sedans always come out on top. SUVs like the Creta, Duster, and Harrier offer a lot of cargo room, while sedans like the Ciaz, Verna, and Octavia have virtually as much, if not more, for a lower price. A minor but critical distinction is that the loading lip of sedans is much lower than that of SUVs, making it much easier to lift and stuff luggage into the boot.

Safety: SUV vs Sedan

The verdict differs when it comes to SUV vs. sedan safety. SUVs are designed stronger, which can reduce the amount of damage they incur in a collision. Modern safety measures are standard on both SUVs and sedans, and examples of both categories with good safety ratings are simple to find. Sedans, on the other hand, may be better at avoiding accidents due to their higher mobility.

The location of your goods is also a safety concern. SUVs do not have trunks that can be closed. The rear cargo space is often visible from the outside and easily accessible from the inside of the vehicle. Sedans, on the other hand, have closed back trunks that prevent anyone from looking inside from the outside. The trunk is locked and inaccessible from the inside of the vehicle.


Finally, when it comes to buying a car, we can all agree that there are many more factors that play a significant role in determining the car of choice, and this article is not intended to prove that sedans are superior. What we’re trying to say is that there are numerous options to consider before jumping on the SUV bandwagon that the rest of the world has jumped on.

Of course, greater ground clearance is vital, but we’re certain that the destinations you wish to travel, even if they’re in other states, have very decent roads, especially with the government striving to develop better roads throughout India. And everyone knows how much off-roading one does after spending a fortune on a 4×4 SUV. We’re not saying it’s pointless, but we do know that the average person uses it less.

Last but not least, it all comes down to one’s needs and finances. What we present in articles like this are merely opinions, and the decision to choose between them is always yours. We realise that you’re spending a lot of money on a new automobile, which is why we want to make sure you don’t end up hating it. After you’ve outlined your specifications and narrowed it down to two or three vehicles that meet all of your criteria, always go with your heart and not your intellect.

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