Next gen Volkswagen Golf, Golf GTI To Get Electric Powertrain?

Next gen Volkswagen Golf, Golf GTI To Get Electric Powertrain?

Volkswagen is yet to bring the Golf in the Indian market but is said to be working on launching the new ID.4 EV

The VW Golf and the Golf GTI are one of the most popular offerings in the brand’s line-up and are offered with powerful powertrain options and strong dynamics. The brand is also said to be working on the next-gen iterations of both cars that will be offered with an all-electric powertrain. Having said this, here are all the details you need to know about the upcoming Volkswagen Golf and Golf GTI electric in the market.

Upcoming Volkswagen Golf EV, Golf GTI EV In India

For starters, the German carmaker recently shared its plan to launch the next-gen iterations of the Golf and the GTI with electric powertrain options and is likely to utilise the same architecture and setup with the new ID vehicles in the market. Currently, in its eight-gen, the VW Golf is one of the most iconic names in the market and is known for its strong looks, impressive performance, a long list of features, and commendable in-cabin experience.

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VW is currently said to be working on multiple new electric vehicles including the ID series vehicles that will soon be launching in the markets. Furthermore, the brand confirmed that the Golf and the Golf GTI will continue to be on sale. It is also however worth noting the fact that the brand is yet to bring new Golf into the Indian market. Multiple reports however do suggest that it will soon be launching the VW ID 4 in the Indian market in the next couple of years.

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