Monsoon Car Care: Get your Car Ready for Rain

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Rainfall is really important since it helps to lower the temperature, but it also causes problems for some of us. Most individuals who complain about rain are either travelling on the road during the rain or are going to step onto roads that are already congested with traffic and, of course, rains owing to obstructed drainage. While we take precautions to keep ourselves dry in the weather, our cars require the same.

Here are 12 monsoon car care suggestions you can put to good use!

Paint Protection using Ceramic (Must-Have)

alloy wheels, cars, monsoon car care, rain car care, car care tips

Throughout the year, the paint on your automobile is directly exposed to the sun’s rays and precipitation. You can get a paint protection technique done if you don’t want rainfall to harm your automobile. There are other methods for protecting your car’s paint, but we recommend having it ceramic coated. The main reason for this is that your investment will not be confined to the rainy season. This is one of the greatest monsoon auto care ideas that you can use all year! The direct exposure to rainfall will not be an issue if you invest in a ceramic coating. In addition, your automobile will not be harmed by exposure to the sun’s rays.

Rust-Resistant Underbody Coating

alloy wheels, cars, monsoon car care, rain car care, car care tips

The bottom surfaces of your vehicle, like the top surfaces, are vulnerable to rainwater. Given that this is India, you may encounter several roads that are filled with rain, making driving difficult. In this case, the underbody is directly exposed to the water-logged roadways, which may result in the production of rust on the underbody. To avoid the formation of rust on your car’s underbody, it’s a good idea to cover it with an anti-rust coating. Do you know where you can get this done? So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Water-Repellent Windshield Coating

alloy wheels, cars, monsoon car care, rain car care, car care tips

The windshield is the most crucial portion of the automobile since it provides you with the finest view when driving. Consider what would happen if you couldn’t see well through your car’s windscreen. This is one of the most crucial monsoon vehicle maintenance tips since it allows you to see clearly through the window even if your wipers aren’t operating correctly. The image above is from Nano Care Products, and it clearly shows how a windshield water repellent works.

Coating for Alloy Wheels

alloy wheels, cars, monsoon car care, rain car care, car care tips

If your vehicle has alloy wheels, this suggestion is for you. Before driving through puddles, you should get your alloy wheels coated. This will ensure that your car’s alloys stay in good shape throughout the wet season. Also, if your vehicle has steel wheels, you should get them treated. This will assist to prevent dirt buildup, which can eventually contribute to rust development.

Checking for Insulation in the Battery and Wiring

alloy wheels, cars, monsoon car care, rain car care, car care tips

No one enjoys being stranded on the rods, regardless of the season. Needless to say, you should check the condition of your car batteries before venturing out, and the specific check for monsoons is the insulation. Because the hood of our automobile is in direct contact with the rain, you need to ensure that all of the wiring and fuse parts are securely insulated. You already know why water and electricity cannot coexist. Keep an eye on the insulation to avoid any short circuits.

Brake Inspection / Servicing

Your car’s brakes are the ultimate roadside rescuers. You’re in big trouble if your car’s brakes aren’t in good working order. To avoid an accident, our brakes should be in good working order, especially when the roads are wet. We are here to assist you if you are unsure how to inspect or service your car’s brakes. Visit a GoMechanic facility near you to get your car’s brakes ready for the monsoon!

Replace worn-out wiper blades

Wiper blades are critical for good sight during heavy rains. You won’t be able to see what’s ahead on the road if your automobile doesn’t have a high-quality wiper blade. Also, if you have a hatchback or SUV, you should acquire a rear wiper blade to keep an eye on the traffic behind you. Have you ever wondered why cars lack rear wipers? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll explain why in another lengthy piece!

Cover your car

alloy wheels, cars, monsoon car care, rain car care, car care tips

The finest present you can give your automobile is a cover. It will keep your automobile safe all year. Monsoons would also be a joy for your automobile if you invested in a waterproof car cover. We agree that it would be a costly purchase, but you value your car’s paint more than the cost of the cover. Don’t you think so?

Disinfect your car’s air conditioning system.

The disinfection is the most vital of all monsoon automobile care measures, especially in 2020. Get your car’s air conditioner cleaned to remove any mold or mildew accumulation that might hurt you later. It is evident that you will need to use the AC during the rainy season; nevertheless, it is equally crucial that the AC in your automobile does not hurt your health. To get your car’s air conditioning cleaned and disinfected, use the GoMechanic app to book an AC service.