Car Keys Lost or Stuck in a Locked Car? Here is What you do!

locked car, keys inside locked car, car keys, car keys locked inside car

                 Locked your keys inside the car? Or you Lost your Car Keys? Here is what you do…

Consider this: You’re walking to your parked car, eager to get in and get going.

But as you approach your vehicle and search for your car keys — be it in your pockets or your purse — you realize that you accidentally locked them inside.

If you’re like most drivers, you’ve been in this situation at some point. Even if you haven’t, we don’t need to tell you how inconvenient it is. To make matters worse, lost car keys pose a more difficult situation than in the past because of keyless entry and remote start.

Instead of a locksmith or a hardware store simply cutting out a copy of your old metal key, you may have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a replacement electronic key fob.

locked car, keys inside locked car, car keys, car keys locked inside car

Where can you get a car key replacement if you leave your keys inside your vehicle? Not to worry. We’re here to show you how to open that door and get back on the road quickly.

Let’s look at the various types of car keys and how to replace them.

The numerous sorts of automobile keys

Cars employ one of four keys:

  • A standard key
  • A standard key with remote
  • A key fob with remote
  • A key fob with keyless entry
  • A push-button start

Traditional keys work the same way as door locks in a house or apartment do. They mechanically open your automobile door or allow your vehicle to start.

A separate fob for remotely locking and unlocking the doors or trunk is the next step up from a normal key. Key fobs with push-button start and remote unlocking and locking are also available.

The top of the range is automotive key fobs that you may have in your pocket at all times, featuring keyless entry and push-button start.

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Car key replacement options

The basic key

Locksmith services may be your best bet if you’ve misplaced your vehicle keys and need to get a replacement set. Many locksmiths are mobile and can open the locked door on your car and create new keys then and there. Traditional automobile keys are substantially less expensive to replace than current ones with remote fobs and keyless entry, with replicas costing as low as Rs500.

Key Fob

There are two sorts of remote-locking fobs: independent devices with a separate key and fobs with a built-in key.

If you lose a standalone fob, you can still get into your car and start it using your separate key. And obtaining a replacement fob won’t put you back too much, with aftermarket models retailing about Rs1400. These basic fobs are very easy to program, so you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars taking them to an expert.

Key fobs with an integrated key are a more handy design that integrates two functions (your door locks and ignition) into one.

But if you lose this form of a key fob, you’ll need to pay extra for a replacement, with aftermarket models costing over Rs7000.

locked car, keys inside locked car, car keys, car keys locked inside car

Keyless access

Smart keys, which automatically open your door locks and allow you to start your car with the press of a button, are the most modern automobile keys available today. They do this through proximity sensors, which detect when you are within a particular distance of the car.

You’ll almost certainly need to contact a dealer for your car’s brand due to its advanced technology and necessity for manufacturer-specific programming.

When you lose a smart key, you must pay for a tow to a dealer where you may buy a replacement, which can cost up to Rs1400. The cost of a smart replacement key varies depending on the brand and model of your vehicle, with high-end luxury vehicles often costing more.

In summary, lost car keys

locked car, keys inside locked car, car keys, car keys locked inside car

Though locking your keys in your car (or losing them entirely) is frustrating, there are actions you may do to open the doors and acquire a replacement set.

Contacting your auto insurance provider may save you time and money because certain policies cover key replacement. In addition, your car warranty or roadside assistance coverage may come in handy.

If you lose your keys to a car with mechanical locks, getting a replacement set manufactured isn’t too expensive, and a locksmith may be able to make them on the spot. You may be back inside your vehicle and on the road in minutes.

Separate key fobs aren’t difficult to replace because you can still open and start your car with the metal key that arrives.

However, losing key fobs with a connected key is more troublesome, needing particular reprogramming and costing more to recreate.

If you own a newer vehicle with keyless entry, getting a replacement key may take longer and cost you more money.

To guarantee proper key programming and the best vehicle function on newer automobiles with keyless entry and start, it’s typically a good idea to visit a dealership specializing in your car brand.

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