Hyundai IRIS Recognition System – Everything you Need to Know

iris recognition system, hyundai iris recognition system

Hyundai appears to have outgrown key fobs as the company seeks to patent of Hyundai iris recognition system, which, if approved, will be implemented in vehicles on the company’s production line.

Action movies from the 1980s and beyond frequently feature someone entering a secure facility using an eye-scanning system. According to a new patent filed in the United States, Hyundai wants to bring that same technology to automobiles.

The patented system is based on an iris scanner, which can image a driver’s eyes and verify their identity. It works with an infrared camera to detect whether the driver is wearing sunglasses or another obstruction on their face. To obtain the required vision of the eyes, the vehicle can then adjust the lighting or request that the driver removes the obstruction. The steering wheel can also be moved automatically if it gets in the way of the system seeing the driver’s face.

iris recognition system, hyundai iris recognition system

Keyless entry is a very appealing feature in today’s automobiles. Key fobs and remote control with an RFID chip that allows you to start the car without inserting a key into the keyhole are commonly seen.

Hyundai, a South Korean automaker, appears to have outgrown key fobs as the company seeks to patent iris recogntion technology, which, if approved, will be introduced to vehicles in the company’s production chain, according to The Drive. The iris scanner will enable the owner to enter and start the vehicle with a single glance.

Technology has become a key differentiator in many products, including automobiles. We’ve seen a slew of new technology join car clubs in recent years, making buyer options even more interesting! On the other hand, Hyundai recently patented a new recognition technology known as the Hyundai IRIS Recognition System. Let’s take a look at the Hyundai IRIS Recognition System!

What exactly is Hyundai’s IRIS Recognition System?

iris recognition system, hyundai iris recognition system

The IRIS Scanner is a sophisticated recognition system that quickly scans a person’s iris to identify them (part of the eye). This is very similar to the functionality of Face IDs in some of the market’s smartphones. The IRIS scanner is a more secure and accurate version of the Face IDs that we’ve all become accustomed to. It is one of the most secure recognition systems available and one of the most trustworthy!

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What is the Hyundai IRIS Recognition System, and how does it work?

The Hyundai IRIS Recognition System is a technologically advanced recognition system that works in tandem with various sensors and scanners. The scanner will look for a perfect match as soon as the driver sits in the seat, and only then will the car be fully functional. Furthermore, the system will function while wearing sunglasses, masks, or other light facial accessories.

If the steering is in the way of the scanner’s vision, the system will be able to move it out of the way. Once a perfect match is achieved, the steering and seat will automatically adjust, and the car will be ready to go!

The Hyundai IRIS Recognition system will almost certainly prevent many car thefts because the car will not start even with the correct key. It will also be extremely useful for VIP and VVIP security, preventing many mishaps.

Once the technology is patented and approved, it is expected that it will appear in Hyundai and Kia vehicles. However, it is expected that only high-end vehicles will receive the technology first.

iris recognition system, hyundai iris recognition system, genesis g70

Iris scanning has yet to be implemented in automobiles, but fingerprint recognition is already available in some vehicles. The Genesis GV70, for example, allows the driver to start the car only after scanning their fingerprint.

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