Car Modifications 101: Your Best Guide for Best Customs

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While the number of automobiles on Indian roads continues to rise, many individuals are becoming interested in car modifications. The fundamental motive is the desire to be recognized while on the road. Car modifications allows you to distinguish your car from the crowd. It distinguishes your car from generic stock automobiles made by the same manufacturers regarding both look and performance.

What Is Car Modification, And What Is A Modified Car?

As the phrase implies, modifications are adjustments done to a vehicle. These car modifications are made to a stock vehicle to improve its look, performance, or both.

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What Kinds of Car Modifications Are There?

There are three major categories of car modifications. They are as follows: performance enhancement, functional enhancement, and aesthetic or cosmetic enhancement.

Performance modifications: 

These are modifications done to improve the performance of the vehicle. Performance upgrades are often done to improve the car’s power, handling, and fuel efficiency. This category includes modifications to the engine, exhaust system, air filters, brakes, suspensions, tyres, etc.

Functional modifications: 

Functional modifications are those that modify or add particular functionality to the vehicle. This category includes the installation of sunroofs, air conditioning, vehicle phones, roof racks, navigation systems, and other accessories. Functional modifications are features introduced to a vehicle that was not previously available.

Aesthetic alteration: 

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This modification is typically done to make the vehicle seem more appealing and distinctive. Aesthetic adjustments are changes made to the vehicle’s outward or interior look. However, aesthetic or cosmetic change is not necessarily intended to produce a visible difference. They can also make major adjustments in performance by adjusting the bodywork. Certain body upgrades, for example, add more stability and aerodynamics to an automobile than the standard body.

What Are the Most Desired Modifications?

The following are some of the most popular modifications made by car enthusiasts to improve their vehicles.

Performance Modifications:

Turbocharger or Supercharger

Engine performance may be improved by turbocharging or supercharging them. They primarily contribute to improved engine performance by enhancing peak power and torque delivery.

Engine Control Unit (ECU) remapping: 

An ECU is in charge of managing the fuel-air mixture in the engine. Most manufacturers map the ECUs substantially below the vehicle’s capabilities to preserve a safety net. An ECU remapping can help you unlock the full potential of your vehicle and improve performance.


Nitrous injection kit installation is a popular yet uncommon upgrade. Installing nitrous injection systems on street automobiles is banned in India and worldwide. A nitrous injection may greatly increase an engine’s power for a short amount of time.

Transmission upgrade: 

Another popular option for automobile owners is a transmission upgrade. A change in the gearbox can substantially impact the car’s performance.

Brake upgrade: 

One of the most important elements in the handling act is the brake. A car’s handling is heavily reliant on its brakes. As a result, brake shoes or master cylinders in a braking system are frequently changed for improved braking performance.

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Suspension upgrades: 

Suspension is another significant aspect of the car’s handling and stability. Although most automakers conduct extensive testing before placing a car on the assembly line, vehicle owners frequently contemplate a suspension adjustment to accommodate their driving style or improve the vehicle’s attitude.

Exhaust system: 

This is one of the most common performance enhancements car owners contemplate purchasing for their vehicles. A free-flow exhaust system boosts the car’s performance and provides a distinct grunt to the exhaust noise. A muffler or air filter change is regarded solely to change a car’s exhaust tone in many circumstances.

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Aesthetic or cosmetic modifications

Body Kits: 

These include body kits, which are additional body panels fitted on a vehicle. It alters the vehicle’s form, size, and appearance. Wheel fenders, hoods, side skirts, front and rear bumpers, grilles, rooftop vents, and spoilers are examples of body kits. Although body kits often modify the outward look of vehicles, they may also impact performance by altering the aerodynamics and weight of the vehicle.

Automobile Wraps & Stripes: 

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Sometimes all it takes to customize your car is to add some racing stripes to the body. We all remember and appreciate the racing stripes on the yellow Camaro in Transformers. You can alter the look of your automobile by just adding a pair of stripes to it. Wrapping your automobile is another inexpensive approach to changing its appearance. Car wraps are relatively new and have grown in popularity in the sports car market. However, you can put a wrap on almost any automobile, including a low-cost model. Wraps may be personalized in various ways, including colours, patterns, and finishes.

Wheels and Rims: 

It is likely one of the earliest modifications done to a stock automobile. However, the wheels and rims are very configurable. Your automobile will often arrive with standard-sized wheels, but you may swap in smaller or larger wheels as long as they are suitable. On the other hand, Rims are incredibly adaptable and come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colours.


Stock autos have stock components such as standard headlight covers. While these components accomplish their duty, they appear to be fairly conventional. The market is flooded with customizable headlamps and taillight covers that may dramatically alter the appearance of your vehicle. The options are unlimited, whether you choose a round or square headlamp. You can adjust the lights inside as well as its coverings. Cars often come with standard white LED headlights, but you may upgrade to brighter or dimmer lighting based on your preferences.

Interior Modifications

Floor Mats: 

Your budget vehicle most likely has rubber floor mats that gather dirt and moisture from your shoes. Still, there is a method to elevate the modest floor mat to a whole new level. There are several alternatives available that are constructed of other materials and come in various styles that may vary the appearance of your automobile floor. You may even replace the black floor mats that came with your vehicle with coloured ones.

Steering Wheels: 

You would not believe that your steering wheel could be adjusted. Still, many automobiles enable you to entirely remove and replace steering wheels, such as those seen in sports cars. If your steering wheel cannot be changed, you may obtain coverings to give your automobile a fresh look. A steering wheel cover is a simple way to liven up your automobile.


If you appreciate the aesthetic of sports vehicles, you like the way the pedals on such cars look. Unfortunately, the pedals on your low-cost vehicle are far from sporty. Nonetheless, you can buy and install sports pedals in your standard automobile without much difficulty or expense. The complete metal pedals improve the appearance of your vehicle and are significantly more robust than the factory versions.

Seat Covers: 

When you see a customized automobile, one of the first things you notice is the seats. While your budget automobile comes standard with black or beige seats, you may purchase seat coverings to make your interiors fashionable. Seat coverings with every form of design, pattern, texture, and colour combination are available from automotive accessory makers. They look great in any plain stock automobile.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Car Modification: 

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On the one hand, well-chosen modifications can improve your vehicle’s overall performance; on the other hand, faulty installation of mod components or low-quality mods can harm the vehicle’s health and safety. Modifications should be carefully considered chosen and compatible with one another. It is critical to get expert assistance when making modifications to a vehicle.

Many performance changes may jeopardize your engine warranty and even be illegal (like nitrous injection kits). A specific performance change might cause the car to fail. It is also conceivable that the mod component will cause damage to other components. Before applying alterations, it is critical to understand their impacts thoroughly.

Automobile modifications will also have an impact on your vehicle insurance coverage. The premium amounts are almost certainly going to be increased due to the adjustments made to the automobile.

As a result, before changing a vehicle, it is best to weigh all the advantages and downsides. Because, in most circumstances, there is no going back after the update is completed. So, pick your modifications wisely. Remember to drive and stay cautious on the roads since “with great power comes great responsibility.”

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